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GAN Offerings Library

The nuts and bolts.

GAN Sports

  • Award-winning, tailormade user experience to maximize player engagement & conversion
  • Modern sportsbook platform built for speed & flexibility
  • Dynamic event creation, including odds boosts, hot events, and exclusive wagers
  • Fully customized user interface with regional/local content management
  • Seamless loyalty integration between retail & mobile platforms
  • Efficient & advanced operational real-time reporting tools

Risk Management & Trading

Fully or partially managed trading solution:

GAN’s team of 70+ traders takes care of executing your sportsbook strategy end-to-end. Our platform allows for localized pricing, enabling either trading team (in-house or GAN) to manage risk at the property level.

We can provide your team with the full suite of trading & risk management tools.

Modern Day Retail Sportsbook Solution

Our fully scalable Retail offering meets any property’s strategic needs. Our kiosk-first approach & on-premise mobile wagering platform allows you to launch and operate your Sportsbook on property without the need for additional staff or overhead.

Real-Time Flexibility & Results

The ability to configure your Sportsbook to best suit your in-markets demographics & player base, including:

  • Integrated free-to-play
  • Localized odds compiling for each individual market
  • Dynamic marketing promotions for any cohort of player
  • On-demand event creation & trading
  • And much more...

Unique Features & Continuous Innovation

  • Responsive Marketing Features Leveraging CRM Promotions & Player Journeys
  • Transparency Features Driving Product Trust
  • Variety of Engagement & User Acquisition Features

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We’re here to take your brand online. Whether you’re interested in a fully managed online gaming solution, or looking to augment your existing footprint, we have the white-label products, services, and experienced staffing to meet all of your gaming needs.

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